Fishing on Lake Salolampi

Go out fishing with a local fisherman on Lake Salolampi for a day. We will leave from the Safari House Kalevan Hovi at Bomba. First we take the car 50 km to Lake Salolampi/Korpilampi. From there we will take a rowing boat with a small outboard motor to go out trolling. As a catch you can expect perches and pikes. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful Finnish landscape of forests and wetlands. Finnish nature at its best. The fisherman will be glad to share stories about the place and about fishing there. You will enjoy Karelian hospitality and see a lot of local life. We will take breaks to enjoy hot drinks and a picnic. Afterwards we will return to the Safari House.

Duration: 6 h. Number of people: 1- 2 persons.
Price: 400€ per trip; 200€/ person if two people. Weather restraint: very windy/ storm.
Includes: use of a rowing boat, services of a local guide, fishing permits, fishing gear, transport and picnic lunch.

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