Winter clothing, prices per day

Winter jumpsuit 10€
Warm rubber boots 5€
Gloves 2€
Woolen socks 2€
Thermal shoes 10€
All-in-one with 15€
All-in-one with thermal shoes 1 €
Other clothing
2-part winter suit 15€
Riding shoes 10€
Gloves 5€
Woolen socks 2€
All-in-one 20€

Children’s snowmobile or Children’s ATV
10€/ 10 minutes, 15€/ 15 minutes, 30€/ 30 minutes, 50€/ hour

Snowmobiles rentals
Ski- Doo MXZ 600 ace, year 2013, 5 pc

Ski- Doo -E-TEC 600, year 2011-2012, 3 pc

90€/ 2h, 120€/ 4h, 180€/ 8h. Prices include: riding gear and trail license fees.

Gas and oil will be charged by consumption. Deductible fee is 1000€.

Foam Sliders for kids
5€/ day

Snowshoes and poles
8€/ 1- 3 hours, 15€/ day

Fishing Gear
10€/ 1- 3 hour, 15€/ day, included: drill, fishing backpack, two rods and lures.

Sled ride with snowmobiles
Riding in the sled for 5-10 minutes on Lake Pielinen. Price: 5 eur/ person. Minimum group size is 4 persons.

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Spend a memorable day in the beautiful nature of North-Karelia! Safaris are always made by the customer requests, and the safari program design and suitability for the customer is based on their age and driving experience: we offer a memorable day for first-timers, and for experienced drivers we offer challenging and exciting snowmobile routes.

Our our trails are interesting and safe and a successful safari is followed by a delicious lunch or dinner in the great outdoors!

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