Before excursions, registration at Kalevan Hovi Safarihouse (Bomba) the day before the safari at 12.00 am or by calling tel. +358 400 879890/ Janne Nevalainen or +358 44 2738 680 Ritva Nevalainen.


We welcome you to experience our watery adventures! Feel the freedom and comfort of Jet- ski. Our jet- skis are stable and safe, and fast as needed! We provide you with driving info, technical data and safety rules.

Sightseeing on Lake Pielinen

See the beautiful Pielinen and enjoy the Finnish lakeside! This safari is especially for beginners. We’ll start our journey from Kynsiniemi shore, and get to know how to ride the safe and comfortable Jetboat.

Around the Kynsisaari Island

We’ll start our trip from Kynsiniemi Shore. We’ll ride across Pielinen and head off to Kynsisaari Island. This one is for suitable beginners too!

River-run to the Ylikylä lake

We’ll start our trip from Kynsiniemi Shore. We will cross Lake Pieline to River Ylikylä. From there we continue up the rivers.

A daytrip to Koli

We will start our trip from the Kynsiniemi Shore. This one is for real Jetboat drivers! Feel the freedom, feel the wind and the speed! Our route passes through the great open waters of Pielinen. After reaching Koli, we will have delicious lunch at Koli Ala-Maja Restaurant. After lunch we start hiking to hill Koli. The top of Koli hill we can see very nice view of Lake Pielinen. After that we will go back to Nurmes from the different route.