Husky Sleddog Safaris and Reindeer Sleds

Husky Sleddog Safaris

We’ll ride 10-15 km on Lake Pielinen with Siberian huskies and Alaskan huskies!

Call of the snowfields

A safari of 30 km on Lake Pielinen. We’ll enjoy some soup lunch during the trip.

This safari is suitable for families and groups for an all-day activity! You are provided with a sled of 5- 6 dogs; one person driving the sled while another sitting in the sled.

Lake Pielinen Tour

Short dogsled trip on Lake Pielinen, approx. 2 km. A Chance to get to know and interact with sled dogs. Customers will sit in the sled led by a guide.

Reindeer Sleds

The trip begins at Kalevan Hovi safari house, where you’ll be transported to a local reindeer farm by bus. The farm is located 20 km from Kalevan Hovi.

Included: Reindeer sled ride of half a kilometer, and feeding the reindeer. Coffee is served at the main house, and there are souvenirs presented. A reindeer card is given to each participant.

Reservation in advance for all safaris required!